Welcome to AsureSoft Consultancy - delivering  focused solutions to assure  your information environment. AsureSoft provides high quality consultancy services to plan, manage, control and protect your information environment.

Services provided include (For a full list go to Services) :

Telecomms Product Management - Product requirements definition, product architecture, customer/3rd party product interface.

Project Management - Full project management coverage from product inception, through development to product deployment and support.

Software Quality Assurance - Understand, manage and control the quality of your software.

Software Process - Evaluate, manage and control the processes that are requires to deliver your software product.

Software Supplier Relationship - Evaluate, manage and control your software suppliers.

Operations support - Evaluate, manage and control your operations, addressing both products and service.

Security - Understand, manage and protect your information assets.

Asuresoft is  committed to provide you with a high quality tailored service, which makes us an excellent choice to address your needs.

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